First blog post

Welcome to my world!!!

I mean, Kyusung world. I will simply publish random thing of Kyusung and their.

It can be picture, translated tweet, fanvid, fanfic, fanart, and anything about them, mine or other’s edit and work (giving the full credit to the owner of course)

For now, the best fact I love the best is that Kyuhyun chose “Your Eyes” (his duet song with Yesung included in Super Junior 4th album ‘Bonamana’)


Kyuhyun – It’s my first duet song so I like it!

Cr: Allkpop

and I have to say the other one is The Night Chicago Died at SS1 Chengdu, aka the hug that lasted 23 seconds. (Kyusung Crossroad, 50 reasons to ship Kyusung)






This is one of two special picts to my lovely Kyusung (I don’t find another one anymore), because this is the 2nd pic made me curious about their relationship.




As for these two….

Yesung looks so caring here, I love it how natural it seems for him to take care of the youngest.  The other one, you can check the instavid on Yesung’s insta. Kyuhyun is so cute. The representative of cute Evil. Strange combination, but it’s totally ALRIGHT!!!

There so many stuffs of this couple at Kyusung Crossroad. Go and find more fact and moment, pics, gifs, videos, and fanart there~

In near future I will post my fanfic here. I don’t know how to publish it on via PC, and my handphone is not good enough to publish it via mobile (using Opera mini). So, I’ll just bring them here~ (Caution: they are in Bahasa!!)

See ya~